Revelation Films is proud to have signed an exclusive deal to tell the trailblazing story of London's first black police officer, Norwell Roberts. The deal, which includes book and television rights, will see Norwell open the door to his life and experiences for the very first time.

Norwell Roberts was let down by everyone in his life from a very young age – family, schools and the church – he had it tough every single step of the way. He suffered horrific abuse as a child, abandonment, homelessness, poverty, overt racism and prejudice, yet his life and career became a triumph, one that the police service uses today as an example in recruitment. 


Until now, Norwell has never looked back on the darker events in his life. As a positive, forward looking man of great generosity, it’s not in his character to dwell on the negative aspects of life, and less so to blame them for any of his own or others’ failings but now for the first time, Norwell allows Revelation Films to unpeel the layers of his life to reveal this turbulent past and tell the world what it was like to become the Metropolitan Police’s first black officer in 1960s London.


He will start by detailing his life from his upbringing in Anguilla with a grandfather in the police force, through his challenging childhood in suburban Kent to the controversy of his recruitment for the Metropolitan Police and his 30 years’ distinguished service, much of which was as an undercover operative infiltrating organised crime and drugs gangs, to the man he is today.

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“To appreciate the present and how far we’ve come, we sometimes

need to revisit the uncomfortable past, no matter how painful” 

– Norwell Roberts, 26th August 2016