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Eve Stratford, Lynne Weedon, Lynda Farrow and Elizabeth Parravicini are four names that go largely unknown to most but their violent and grisly murders link them in a way no one could have imagined. For over 40 years, these murders have remained unsolved but what if new evidence were to come to light that could bring justice to these women and their families?


In West End Girls, former Metropolitan Police DCI Colin Sutton will gather a team to open the troubling cold case of the serial murders of these women. He will reinvestigate them, taking into account both original and new evidence that links the crimes – the type of murder, the forensics, the series of suspects linked to both Eve Stratford and Lynda Farrow through their work as croupiers and in turn to Lynne Weedon via DNA and then Elizabeth Parravicini via the proximity to Lynne.


This brand new investigation will be headed by Colin Sutton who led the cold case review before retiring from the Metropolitan Police in 2011. He will not rest until the case is solved.


The objective? To bring a serial killer to justice. It’s never too late.