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Man has always held a strange fascination with the stars, forever probing the universe’s many secrets. How did it all begin and how does the universe expand and, how will it all end?


Sir Patrick Moore, forever synonymous with The Sky At Night, leads us on a journey of discovery through our galaxy in the documentary ‘A Beginners Guide To Astronomy’, exploring each planet and star system in detail, helping us understand and expanding our depth of knowledge, dispelling many of the myths and mysteries that surround planet Earth.


In 1969, Sir Patrick hosted the TV broadcast of the first moon landing on British television, expertly describing and explaining the sometimes hazy black and white pictures that were beamed back to an expectant Earth, as Neil Armstrong took that first step onto an alien surface. In two fascinating documentaries, Sir Patrick leads us through the Apollo programme as man attempted to reach for the moon, and explains what went wrong on the fated Apollo 13 mission. How close to disaster were the three astronauts, and how did N.A.S.A. finally manage to bring them ‘home’, while the rest of the world held it’s collective breath?

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