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Six superb, emotional programmes documenting the deeply moving memories of those who were actually there, fighting for our very survival; from ‘the few,’ fighting over English summer skies amidst their finest hour, to those working alongside Britain’s greatest leader and statesman, Winston Churchill. The true story of those caught in the terrifying Blitz over London and the story of the now much-aligned Home Guard, defending the shores from the threat of invasion.


Concludes with the moving memories of Private James Ryan, landing on ‘Sword’ beach, liberating Europe from Nazi occupation and rescuing those trapped and left to die at Belsen’s notorious camp. This is their story, told in full and in their words with dramatic footage, much of it seen for the first time.


‘I was there…’ The True Story Of Dunkirk

‘I was there…’ The Battle Of Britain

‘I was there…’ The Blitz

‘I was there…’ The Home Guard

‘I was there…’ D-Day – The Story Of Private James Ryan

‘I was there…’ Churchill’s War

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