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Between 2012 and 2021, hit BBC drama Line Of Duty told the story of a fictional anti-corruption unit that famously went after bent coppers, but over 15 years prior to that hitting our screens, a little-known unit of the Metropolitan Police was being secretly set up to crack the cycle of corruption that infiltrated the country’s biggest police force. The unit was CIB3 and its purpose? To expose corrupt police officers and bring them to justice.


Now for the first time, the senior police officers behind the successful sting operations will open the casebooks and take the viewer through them step by step to reveal the covert methods for weeding out the bent coppers and securing convictions. With exclusive access to the men who oversaw the cases, they will take us back to the crime scenes, show us the operations in detail, how they gathered the evidence, discovered the guilty and built the case that led them to jail.


The Real Line Of Duty will take the viewer through the wider story of anti-corruption units – why they were needed, how they were set up, how they evolved – and look at specific operations in order to give insight into the inner workings of the Metropolitan Police when they had to turn the torch on their own.

3 x episodes available on Amazon Prime now!

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