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Former Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton spent 30 years in the police force, a career that saw him lead  many of the most high profile and successful murder investigations of his generation, and although he’ll forever be associated with the arrest and conviction of serial killer Levi Bellfield and ‘Night Stalker’ Delroy Grant, his career was so much more. 


In this brand new and exclusive series, Sutton revisits cases he led and explores everything from the crime itself through to the breakthrough moment when the suspect was identified and arrested. He takes the viewer on a journey from the moment the police were called to the scene, visits key locations, and explains how he and his team managed to gather enough evidence to secure a conviction.


The Real Manhunter features contributions from fellow police officers, officials, journalists and families of some of

the victims and offers a gripping insight into exactly what happens after the most violent of crimes has been committed.

Season 1 

Season 2 

‘The Night Stalker’ Delroy Grant (feature length)

‘The Bus Stop Killer’ Levi Bellfield (feature length)

The murder of Christopher Donovan

The murder of Clare Bernal

The murder of Bridget 'Bridie' Skehan

The murder of Krystal Hart

The disappearance of Maureen Hale

The Dream City Cinema Fire

The murder of Sally Lawrence

The Cullens Robbery

The murder of Sian Blake

The murders of James Attfield and Nahid Almanea

The murder of Catherine ‘Kate’ Corridan

The murder/attempted murder of Miriam & Maurice Baldock

The murder of Duncan Bone

The murders of David Sheehan and Michael Zubrot

The murder of Allan Chappelow

The murder of Adrian Greenwood


Season 3 

The Anthony Hardy Murders

The murder of Tom Cressman

The murder of Danielle Jones

The murder of Marta Ligman

The murder of Kayser Osman

The murder of Lee Harvey

The Peter Bryan Murders

The murder of Ronnie Cook

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